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Floating inbetween where our worlds collide
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Saturday, October 11th, 2008
9:12 pm
A rare moment
I don't update my LJ very often, but needless to say I will be updating it sometime soon with some big news about the near future, in particular my future. Some of you may be surprised while others may not.

All I can say right now is that I feel extremely happy with the life changing decision I've made and hope I have what it takes to follow through to the end. Sometimes we all need to be bold and make these kind of changes in our lives to keep moving forward otherwise we become complacent in our daily lives. I think life demands more of an active participant.

I know I'm being cryptic and soon enough I'll explain it, but I wanted to wait till it settled in my head as well.

Anyway I'll leave everyone with this video I made a couple of days ago. I just got a new badass camera as well, the Panasonic AG-DVX100B, it's a 24p camera with all kinds of awesome settings. I popped it out of the box and made this the first day I got it. I made this in an hour or so of just screwing around with it so just wait till I get more time to play with my new toy. Enjoy.

Current Mood: pleased
Friday, February 29th, 2008
9:34 am
In memory of Elizabeth Palacios
This has been one of those sobering moments in life. It's a time in which every word that comes out of your mouth just lacks any sort of conviction. So writing down these words without letting you feel my heart or see my tears just doesn't seem good enough, especially for someone as special as liz. The feeling that all is right in this place, it was but yesterday, and now not today.

What you once thought you knew about this world, comes back to remind you of just how profound a life can be. You never act like it's the last goodbye until it's too late. You don't realize the impact someone has on you until they are gone. I didn't realize this impact, I should have. I would probably be a different person today if I hadn't met her and her brother.

I spent the last night retracing all the memories that I could of Liz. Finding the soft spoken subtle nuances of each, finding the careless smile that brought a life to every party, and the random moments in between. Needless to say they were all good.

For that I am thankful, because even if you are flooded in a wave of thoughts, at least you can rejoice in the sea of memories. The hardest part about it all is that it took this moment to celebrate her, and that just kills me inside. I wish I had done so sooner and been closer. Today I woke up and I noticed, I noticed the loss that everyone now has because this one person is gone. People don't always notice the one, but today I do.

I mourn for friends that grieve from the loss of one of their dearest.

I mourn for the friends that made a difference in my life.

I mourn for the people that she was closest to.

I mourn for a mother, a father, and a brother.

Current Mood: numb
Monday, February 4th, 2008
10:47 am
The Greatest Day To Be A Giants Fan

I have no words to describe how happy I am right now. It's been 17 years since I've seen the Giants hold up the Vince Lombardi trophy. It's nice.

Current Mood: indescribable
Monday, January 21st, 2008
10:52 am
A great day!

The New York Giants are going to the Super Bowl!

That is all.

Current Mood: indescribable
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007
2:27 pm
a name gets buried, but a legacy lasts forever
Hello everyone, it's a been a while. I'll just start it off with something special and then the rest will be behind a cut, because there will be tons of pictures.

Meet Angelina:

More details and pictures withinCollapse )

Current Mood: ecstatic
Monday, August 20th, 2007
1:31 pm
Oh so soon that I came to your room
Stolen from Brooke

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend your cool... and alot of the songs fit with the setting

Opening Credits: Stinkfist - TOOL
Not the best choice for opening credits, but a good song none the less.

Waking Up: Making Of A Cyborg - Ghost in The Shell Soundtrack
This was weird at first I'm like "wtf, I still have this on my computer?" and then I remembered the scenes where this was playing in GITS and its more fitting than I realized, just a bit more abstract of a waking up, heh.

First Day At School: Bodies - The Smashing Pumpkins
Hmmm...not quite, unless the song is implying that school is suicide.

Falling In Love: Aenema - TOOL
So much for random...two tool songs from the same album, good job itunes. Terrible choice for a love song as well as it's about the destruction of California and the superficial ridiculousness of LA.

Fight Song: Keep Fishing - Weezer
Fun song, but not what I would call a fight song unless I was fighting with my mirror.

Breaking Up: The Crying Tree of Mercury - The Smashing Pumpkins
Hmmm, a bit of an odd breakup song because it's one of those "I did it all for you/I want you so badly" songs.

Prom: Spiral Static - Muse
Maybe a prom on a spaceship flying through a black hole or something.

Life: Oh My God - Mark Ronson ft. Lily Allen
Cool song if my life was about traveling around the globe.

Mental Breakdown: Glass' Theme(spacey) - The Smashing Pumpkins
By mental breakdown do you by chance mean tripping on some drug and freaking out in a white walled room. Yeah this song could work.

Driving: Glow - UNKLE
Meh, this would make a good driving song if I was driving at like 3am with "my girl" sleeping in the passenger seat of my convertible with the top down on a night with tons of stars out.

Flashback: Falling Down(live acoustic) - Muse
This could work for a sad flashback about the city you just left.

Getting back together: Quitter - The Toadies
Hmmmm, no. This song is about a chick who is bailing on the dude she is with.

Wedding: Roll The Coil - Maple Maple Strawberry
Well this is a terrible wedding song, but what is interesting about this pick is the coincidence that this is my older brothers band from way back in the day and he is getting married next month. So while the song is not about marriage, there is a still a strange link.

Birth of Child: Clocks - Coldplay
I could actually see this used in a movie about a couple dealing with a child birth or something.

Final Battle: The Shadow of the Past - Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack
It could work, a dark confrontation, dun dun DUN!

Death Scene: Innosence - The Smashing Pumpkins
Hmmm, happiest death song ever perhaps? Also, good job again itunes, out of 13GB of music and 2866 songs you managed to pick 4 pumpkins songs at random.

Funeral Song: Die Sintflut - E Nomine
This would be the strangest funeral song ever. Deep German voice - check, questionable scary lyrics - check, heavy techno beat - check, choir in the background - check, ends with waves and beach noises - check, DIE.....SINTFLUT.... - Check

End Credits: It Really Don't Matter - Confidential(Romeo Must Die Soundtrack)
Actually this is an awesome choice, how better to end my movie than with a rap song telling everyone "dont fuck with me cuz i dont give a fuck". I like this song and honestly it would be a good credit closer. My movie is definitely a Hollywood blockbuster.

Since Brooke did a second one, I'll do it again, cuz it's funny.

Opening Credits: Xerxes Final Offer - 300 Soundtrack
Heh, yep, good way to open a movie, with epic music.

Waking Up: Exo-Politics(early live version) - Muse
Maybe, if aliens were invading as I looked out my window.

First Day At School: Crazy for You - Pizza Girl
I just knew I was gonna get one of these retarded songs I have on my computer at some point. I think I accidentally downloaded this song when I was going through my initial D eurobeat phase.

Falling In Love: I'm Not An Addict - K's Choice
This would be a good love song for a movie about drugs and falling in love with a druggie. It would be a sad movie indeed.

Fight Song: Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Pink Floyd
I don't know how one would fight to this song, but I guess you could try, for the whole 13 minutes of it, heh.

Breaking Up: Century - Live
Nope, off the mark again itunes.

Prom: Punkrocker(ft. Iggy Pop) - Teddybears
Heh, this sounds like a cool prom. I could imagine coming in a sweet ass tux and just drive up on the curbside and leave my car there and stroll on in, spike the punch and break out into a spider man 3-esque dance sequence.

Life: Zero - The Smashing Pumpkins
Fuck yeah, emptiness is loneliness, and loneliness is cleanliness, and cleanliness is godliness, and god is empty, just like me. This is a badass song to epitomize the crazy life.

Mental Breakdown: Map of Your Head - Muse
Hehe, I think itunes is finally coming around, this would definitely be a slowly going crazy song.

Driving: You Wouldn't Believe - 311
Hmmm, not exactly perfect driving music.

Flashback: Hooker With A Penis - TOOL
Haha, it would surely be a bad flashback, ala requiem for a dream flashing strobes and all.

Getting back together: Cash Car Star - The Smashing Pumpkins
Uhhh, I don't see us getting back together with this song playing, though strange things do happen in the movies.

Wedding: Discovery - Jeff Danna(Uncorked Soundtrack)
This could easily be in a wedding, excellent choice itunes. Btw, this is a great soundtrack, it's from the movie Uncorked. I thank Brett for this purchase, was worth it.

Birth of Child: Entertain Me - Blur
Nope, damn you itunes, you go from a perfect match, to way off the mark.

Final Battle: Eye For An Eye Backwards (Joshua Homme and Alain Johannes Remix) - UNKLE
Well it would be an interesting battle, maybe for the first minute we should fight backwards. The song does get good halfway through though and would make a good action movie fight scene.

Death Scene: Silverfuck - The Smashing Pumpkins
My itunes is in love with the Pumpkins it would appear. Not that I blame it, but geez. This would make a crazy death scene too, the fast and slow mix would make for some crazy death in a blazing inferno and then a slow touching emotional moment for last words.

Funeral Song: Fascination Street - The Cure
Niiiice, I love this song, but I don't see how this would be a good funeral song.....UNLESS....it's a trick ending. Everyone is at my funeral and as it ends, a guy all in black with his trench coat collar turned up, dark glasses, and wide brimmed hat tosses a rose on the grave and turns to walk away, then lights a cigarette and walks toward the camera away from the funeral and only the camera sees that it's......ME!. Boom, fade to black.

End Credits: Stolen Moments - The Six Parts Seven
This wouldn't be a bad choice at all. I could see it, a very subtle ending this time.
Friday, June 1st, 2007
1:30 pm
We are all TOOLs
Had a great time this past weekend culminating with a great concert. Brooke and I saw TOOL last night, her first arena rock show so that was cool for her. For me it was the second time seeing them, last time was like 8 years ago though. Arena shows are different but still enjoyable. We had great seats in the lower bowl center stage so that made it nice as we could sit for some songs and rock the fuck out for others. Tool is definitely a band you could sit through because they have that trance effect when listening sometimes.

We didnt get any pictures cuz I didn't feel like struggling to get my camera in there.

This japanese speed metal band opened for them called Melt Banana. They were talented but the lead singers voice is just too high pitched for the music it seems. Though they have some song on Adult Swim apparently.

Anyway TOOL put on a great show again, excellent laser light show and crazy visuals. Though they have tamed down a bit since Aenima. Hell the entire band came out painted black and with blue polka dots that were black light reflective and the things on the screens were much more scary last time with some weird images that freaked me out. This time they had more trippy visuals and alien-esque things compared to last time. Maynard played with his back to the audience most of the night as he usually does. Also the stage setup was cool, they had these 3 circular light platforms which looked like spaceships which added to this alien theme they were going for.

Anyway here is the setlist. Now I wasn't a fan of 10,000 days, it was good, just not better than Lateralus or Aenima. I was hoping they would play Aenima, but they didn't, but I got Pushit instead and that rocked. The setlist doesn't seem long but each song was like 10-15 minutes.

46 & 2
Schism (Extended/Sped Up)
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Pushit (Extended Intro)
Wings For Marie Part I
10,000 Days Wings Part II
Lateralus (Extended/Drum Solo)

So that's how that went down, great loud rock show. Wouldn't have it any other way. I'm sure Brooke's ears are still ringing.

Current Mood: awake
Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
7:10 pm
Television Transmission
Well here is a small update, I finally got my YouTube up to date. I had been meaning to post most of my videos and AMVs online and so I did. I also have some videos of Muse up there too. Here is the link to my channel.


I just got done working on this project called The Process, it was a short done for a friend of mine who works at TSA with me and also goes to UCF. He asked me to help edit his project and I said I would do it right. Basically the video is about graffiti artists and the process of creation, from a dream to a reality. My friend knows this artist and so he followed him around and filmed how it all goes down. It really was cool for me to see what goes into making graffiti what it is.

So, here is The Process

Hopefully I'll have some big news in the next couple of weeks so that should be exciting. Oh yeah, I'll be at JACON this Saturday too.

Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, April 14th, 2007
6:48 am
Grand Omega Bosses
Wow, have I got a story to tell you. There will be pictures, lots of pictures.

So rewind to valentines day, Brooke got us tickets to go see Muse in San Francisco. Needless to say I was in shock and I'm still in shock at the gift.

Fast forward to April 9th 2007. Brooke and I fly out to San Francisco and have an excellent journey worthy of the rock and roll gods which we have summoned with our cross country trek in search of good music.

We get our tickets far too easily with check in kiosks and skip the lines thanks to my wonderful government privilege. So thankfully there was no airport hassle which made the trip quite smooth. We boarded the plane and Brooke slept thanks to Dramamine. Anyway, we arrived in SF around 10am and were checked into our hotel shortly after thanks to a very nice front desk that was kind enough to have a room for us so we could check in early.

After inspecting the room, we ventured out into the city. Let me set the scene for you. The Weather, 55-60 degrees with a 10-15mph breeze off the bay. Perfect blue skies, chilly but not too cold. A great day to be out and about on the town. Man what a place, of all the cities I've been to, I would have to say that SF probably has the best working public transportation system I've seen. Seriously, Brooke and I paid a grand total of $10 for bus rides, trolley rides, and such around the city. We didn't pay at all for the public buses cuz the driver was kind enough to give us this transfer slip and said "just show it whenever you get on" and so we did, and we rode the buses around town for free. Even the airport shuttle buses were efficient.

The layout of the city leaves a bit to be desired of course and I can't imagine driving a manual car on these streets, so it is definitely not a place I would prefer to live. Other than that, the city was pretty fun and lively.

First we took a stroll down Market street from our hotel and decided to get something to eat. We found a mall, but it was a pretty crazy mall, like 8 floors, 2 in the basement kinda thing, and the food court in which we ate was quite unique. You know how in just about every mall in America you have the traditional places, sbarro, fast food joints, cinnabon, Asian wok place, etc. Well this mall had none of that, it was the only mall that I've seen that had not one single usual mall food court place. This ended up being to our advantage as it looked like all the different places were really good. We ate at this place called "Andale" and had some excellent Mexican food, and for food court food, I was extremely impressed.

Seriously I saw hardly any burger kings or Macdonald's. The only Burger king I remember seeing was heading down toward the wharf and thats it. I found this to be a good sign, hopefully the rest of the country can get away from these places.

So from the mall we continued our tryst by the bay. We saw a trolley on Hyde Street and knew we had to ride it. Brooke and I jumped on and here is where we paid our only fee for public transportation of the day, the measly $10 for an awesome tourist ride down to the Fisherman's Wharf. The experience would not be complete unless we rode on the edge holding onto the rails obviously. So that's what we did, heh.

After getting down to the Wharf, we walked around for a bit, ventured out to Pier 45and the Hyde St. Pier, saw the USS Pompinito, a WWII submarine and got our first glimpse of Alcatraz. I would have loved to go take a tour of Alcatraz, but we just didn't have that kind of time.

We then decided to make our way over to the Golden Gate Bridge. A trip to SF cant be done without at least seeing the big red bridge. So taking the wonderful public transportation again, we make it over there with no hassle and it is a gorgeous day on the bay so it makes for postcard views.

Brooke was wanting to see Golden Gate Park, so that was our next destination. Now mind you Brooke and I both had a different image of this place in mind. We thought it would be like some giant park flat, lots of open areas and such with the impression of a touristy type layout. To our amusement Golden Gate Park ended up just being a big foresty area in the middle of the city with no sort of tourist help in navigating the park or useful directions of any kind and for some reason the flower conservatory is closed Mondays. We still didn't find these supposed Japanese Tea Gardens, even though we followed the ONE sign that told us the path to take.

Anyway, it was still a beautiful area, they should just rename it to Golden Gate State Wilderness-Like-Area or something.

We probably could have pushed it more time wise and seen some other things, but we decided to head back to the hotel, rest for an hour and then prepare to rock the night into oblivion with Muse.

The Bill Graham Civic Center was literally a block away from our hotel. That was awesome, as it made the night so much more easy on us. We got there and the doors were open already so we went in got ourselves a couple of Muse shirts obviously, heh, then proceeded into the main hall. This place was pretty big, it was a good 9,000 person venue and was filling up really quick.

We were standing on the floor about halfway to the stage from the back wall, so we weren't too bad off. Though I feel bad for Brooke at these kind of things as she is more vertically challenged that I am. Luckily for us they had these giant screens on both sides setup for the show.

So the opening band Immigrant came out and were pretty good. They definitely have talent and it's a great opportunity to show people their sound, their lead singer definitely needs to work on his live voice, but that will come with better setups.


So after that....the wait....was over....for now....it was time....for MUSE!

Muse came out and rocked the show hardcore, what an incredible show. I love seeing them every chance I get, and this was the 5th time. Every show was unique in it's way. The first Atlanta show was great for how I got to meet the band before the show and the excitment, the Jacksonville show was incredible for hearing new unrecorded(at the time) songs being played for the first time, the second atlanta show was great for people I went with, and this one was great for the best performance they have put on so far. A great setlist, energetic crowd, and a great vibe the entire night complete with double encores, lots of extra riffage, and goodies like the kaoss jam.

The Kaoss Jam refers to the Korg Kaoss Pad Matt has built into one of his guitars. Essentially it is a wireless midi controller synced harmonium pad that can play a wide range of sounds by waving a hand over it or scratching the pad in certain ways. The band basically did a techno song on the fly using the pad. It was pretty freakin' sweet.

Anyway, here is the setlist in order with appropriate video of the ones I found online. The only way I can describe the concert is to show you, and luckily plenty of people at the show, myself included, took lots of videos.

I'll save you all loading of videos and pictures with a cut.
The concert and picturesCollapse )

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Sunday, March 25th, 2007
12:59 am
Black and white are all I see, in my infancy, red and yellow then came to be
So things are going well with this wonderful full time shift I've started. Though it has killed the nightlife a bit, but the money has been nice so I'll deal with it.

Anyway, it's been fun lately, lots of Battlefield 2142(if any of you cats play send a request my way, my soldiers name is "thekillerkiwi"), Brooke and I are having a good time, going out with my co-workers, going to the beach, DINING IN HELLLL!(300 was an amazing movie btw) and such.

I just bought tickets to go see TOOL this morning.

This will be my second time seeing them, but for Brooke it will be her first true arena rock show and they definitely put on a unique show.

Brooke and I are going to some upcoming concerts so if you want to come along you are all welcomed to join, if you can get tickets.

March 31st - Mardi Gras, Universal - Steve Miller Band
April 9th - Muse in CALIFORNIA!
(possible) April 11th - Kenny Loggins (come on, top gun, highway to the danger zone!)
April 12th - The Dark Romantics
April 19th - Muse with My Chemical Romance in tampa
May 31st - TOOL
June 13th - Lily Allen

And hopefully by the end of this year THE SMASHING PUMPKINS!!!!
Hsien, click this link: http://www.virginfestival.com/2007/index.html
I may just have to fly up to baltimore just for this, so you better be down.

So yeah a busy schedule with perhaps a couple more Beach trips thrown in there for good measure. That's it for now.

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Thursday, February 15th, 2007
9:39 am
For all you people out there who happen to be Muse fans...
Muse will be opening for My Chmecial Romance(i know i know, no need to remind me.) on the second half of their tour. This includes the April 19th date at the St. Pete Times Forum over in Tampa.

I will be going, because well I'm a muse fan, and any opportunity to see them is awesome. If you plan on going, I would suggest you get tickets ASAP, as MCR and Muse together will obviously cause ticket purchasing issues if you wait till the last minute.

Here is the link to the ticketmaster page. This is as close as they are getting to Orlando probably until the end of this year or next year.

Buy Your Muse Tickets Here!

Also, speaking of Muse craziness, my wonderful girlfriend and I will be going to see them in California. Wow, I am still at a loss for words from that revelation she sprang on me yesterday. All I can say is thank you.

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Wednesday, February 7th, 2007
7:52 pm
This is great news.
Hsien, I know you will love this as well.

"The Smashing Pumpkins
6th album

To add to this entry, no I don't know if it's the original band members yet. All I know it's definitely Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlin. Personally I would prefer if they brought back Melissa Aufdurmaur to play bass rather than D'arcy.

Also, here are the announced tour dates for the pumpkins. It's been 7 years and this is the year I've been waiting for. I can't wait till they announce their US dates, of which, I will be going to rock the fuck out. I missed out on my opportunity to see them at the O-rena in 95 on the Mellon Collie tour when I was about 12.(My mom actually was gonna let me go with my older bro, but she made up her mind too late and the tickets sold out.)

Jun 2 2007 - Rock Am Ring Festival - Nürburgring
Jun 3 2007 - Rock Im Park Festival - Nürnberg
Jun 15 2007 - Nova Rock Festival - Nickelsdorf
Jun 17 2007 - Greenfields Festival - Interlaken

The Smashing Pumpkins have made their first official announcement of an appearance in 2007. The band will headline both Rock am Ring (6/2/07) and Rock im Park (6/3/07) Festivals in Germany. THE SMASHING PUMPKINS will also headline the Greenfields Festival in Switzerland On June 17th, 2007.

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, January 11th, 2007
1:50 am
wow, this is awesome...
Trust me, watch this.

Mormonism 101

PS. In the words of Kanye West, Mormons hate black people.

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Wednesday, November 29th, 2006
12:49 am
i rarely do these, but im in an internet mood tonight

So THAT was fun...heh.

Anyway, here is some more new poetry, well not really new, but not yet posted poetry. Also, I really should have posted these ones much sooner. These were my first writings about the whole "incident" that took place at the end of june. I find it interesting to read them now.

something insideCollapse )

Current Mood: productive
Sunday, November 26th, 2006
12:08 am
this desert life
I'm gonna do something I haven't done in some time. I looked back through my old entries and the last time I had posted a poem was on May 16th. Over 6 months ago it seems. Well I've actually got quite a bit of poetry written since that time so I'll go ahead a post a couple this morning and get back to using this outlet. I think I'm gonna do something a bit different now though. and give a bit of background on some of the poems.

This poem really needs no background as the idea is obvious, it's the wording that is key though. Plus I really don't feel like getting into specifics with "poetic romance", and how the poem came to be. This poem shows again my love of old world english, stuff like thee, thy, and cometh. It really feels elegant to use those older words in a modern fashion. Also using them correctly is always a challenge. It helps to step outside the box a bit to write other poems once you've used a bit of poetic history.

Angel in the Air

Unto her world
where she layeth down.
She is the absolute feeling
matched by neither sight nor sound.
She cometh to me
here in hollowed ground
where pleasure was the only thing to be found.

behold thy nature
senses to savor
and a prayer to a savior

She holdeth onto me
about to break free
thy cry
a final decree.

This next poem was created while at work. I was in the food court at the airport and just through observation these words came barreling their way into my head. Compelled by this sinking feeling, I really felt the automation of our lives suddenly. o I sat down and started writing. Corporations, marketing, signage everywhere, and information overload, all for what? Just your money?

The Inner Glow

A sign for your life
A sign for your love
a sign for the man
whom you've become.

Tell us what to eat
Tell us what to drink
Tell us anything
But don't tell us to think.

The effect is wasted
on docile compliance
where we are fueled
by our love for the appliance
Welcome to the world
of neon science.

As always, if you have a comment to add about the topic of the poems or critique about the poems themselves feel free to leave it.

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Saturday, July 15th, 2006
8:20 pm
This is Super Fantastique!
This is the new video for Knights of Cydonia, it's classic. If you liked the style of Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" video and just mockery, then this is where it's at.

If you like these:
Back to the Future III
and the last episode of Quantum Leap.

You will probably like this video, hahaha.

Knights of Cydonia video, right click and select save as

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Friday, July 14th, 2006
1:24 am
muse on loveline...right now
Muse is on loveline right now, and they are streaming it on the KROQ website. This is the show they will play tomorrow here in Orlando on OROCK. This is some great radio....hahaha sex and muse, a great combo. Listen in.


edit: us muse fans are on the muse messageboard chatting as the show is going on, and some of the messageboard people are trying to call in, we are having a good time with this, and what makes it so funny is that matt and dom are both really quite shy, so loveline must be a trip for them.

edit 2: my god that was great, crazy ass questions plus muse sex stories, plus muse groupies calling in makes the best interview ever. Also, Matt dropped the f-word on american radio, he said it so fast they weren't quite sure he said it, hahaha.
Tuesday, July 11th, 2006
1:27 am
Rocking it all hardcore like and stuff...
Tomorrow I'm gonna go to like Virgin Megastore or someplace and buy an extra copy or two of the new Muse album. If any of you other Muse fans on my friends list want to come with me just let me know.

Also, I'm buying this extra copy for one person on my friends list. When Absolution came out Ryannjoryo got the extra copy I bought, so he's not qualified this time :P. So basically, who wants it this time? It's my way of spreading the Muse love, so it's first come first serve. First one to respond here saying they want a copy gets it.


Current Mood: anxious
Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
10:24 pm
Poker Night
I have been itching to play some poker lately, and I really don't feel like giving my money away to a casino. I'd rather a friend take my money from me. So I want to pose this question out to my friends in the Orlando area.

Does anyone want to have a poker night sometime in the next week or so? A $10 per person game of Texas Hold'em style Poker. Basically what we have done in the past is either winner takes all or top 2 split the pot 70/30.

So if anyone is interested, please leave comments here or get in touch with me, and we can set something up. Hell this isn't serious hardcore poker, just a night of playing cards, pizza, and drinking beer. If you don't know how to play and would like to learn, then that's fine, you're still welcomed to come and learn.

So perhaps sometime this weekend or next weekend if people are down for it we could do this. Anyway, we'll see.

Ohhhhhhhhh, look at this cool muse banner I found.

Current Mood: good
Saturday, July 1st, 2006
10:48 pm
A candidate for retribution...
Just to let everyone know. I am fine, well as fine as one can be considering the circumstances. Thank you all for well wishes and concerns. I appreciate the friends I have for looking out for me and helping me in times of need. I appreciate those who have stuck up for me. It means a lot to see that.

Tis just a scratch. I should probably be thankful that with the lucky placement of a hit like that, that it didn't do any permanent damage. It bothers me deeply that it has come to this point, but there are some lines which you should never cross.

Everything will be taken care of how it should be, so please don't concern yourselves with the outcome nor with any sort of anger and retaliation against Ashley or Daryl. Don't let your emotions run you as they can be what undo you. They will reap the consequences of their actions. Justice will have it's time and place.
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